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Code Of Conduct
Code Of Conduct
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1. We respect the opinions of all members.

*We do not make fun of others likes or dislikes (like what football team they like, favorite movie, music, etc.). We can comment and share our opinions, but keep it friendly

2. Decisions will be made by the officers as a whole. The officers will take member opinions, suggestions, & wishes into serious consideration when making decisions.

*Please feel free to talk to any officer if you have any suggestions or concerns so we can discuss them in our meetings.

3. We strive to make all of our members feel welcome and included, regardless of play style.

*We do not pressure people or make people feel guilty for not coming on a raid, to the moors, on a deed run, etc. Be courteous of others, whether you agree with their play style or not. We do not bag on others gear, the use of their skills on their tunes, how they are traited, etc.

4. We are all mature adults and will strive to keep kinship chat mature and respectful. Slip-ups in Vent and mild language are understandable, but repeated abuse and unnecessarily racial/bigoted language will not be tolerated.

*Please keep it clean in vent and in kin chat. This includes swearing and vulgar language/jokes. Harassment, sexual or other, will not be tolerated. Remember when you are in OOC or any other non-kin chat channel that you are representing RDF and are expected to follow these guidelines there as well. This also goes for when you are in a pug or out in the moors.

5. We will resolve conflict maturely and attempt to discuss problems openly with all of our members.

*If you have a problem in kin, whether it be game play or with another member, please come to us immediately. Don't let the problem fester until you are ready to blow up. We can't help fix what we don't know is going on.

6. Members will make themselves aware of the raid rules and Ladder system.

*This is on the ladder page as well as the home page. If you haven't already viewed them, please do so. If you feel there is a mistake in the ladder, let an officer know and we will look into it.

7. Have fun, this is a game after all!

*Remember we are all here to have a good time. Almost everyone who applies to this kin has said they are coming to be in a "drama free environment with mature players." Let's strive to keep it that way and we will all have a great time!

"I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realm of men."

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