Dark Fire: RDF WOH 1st Lt Takedown

RDF WOH 1st Lt Takedown
RDF WOH 1st Lt Takedown
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Aranbordir, Killober, Mmagnus, Mysterial, Capy, Chlo, Neverplay, Valithion, Luthiendal, Maggiegrl, Ehtiacles, and Lilarel
Great job everyone...(hey whose that good lookin tank there?)

I don't know about the tank, but who is that dashing pirate?

Lisa: "Gramdpa, didn't you wonder why you were getting all that money for doing nothing?"
Grandpa: "I thought it's because the Democrats were in charge."
It looks like Sark from the original Tron. Didn't know he was in our kin.

Grats everyone! Now I am really disappointed I missed it!

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