Dark Fire: A song a day

A song a day
A song a day
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I'm not quite sure what just happened:

And I absolutely love the beginning to this song:
This is pretty cool, this band shared the music from their upcoming album with one person, and tracked how it spread:
From my Favorite unknown band's new album. Wish more folks knew about them. They rock

Warning, contains a bit of foul language:

An acoustic version of an old Living Colour Song, Never Satisfied

And the original album version

I must say, this is incredibly funny:

Something that I've been listening to lately:
Really cool remix, especially since the sample was so short:

Some Knife party:
This guy is really cool. Downtempo infused with some awesome use of drums.

The newest Tomb raider was a fun game, I recommend it.

Not usually a fan of metal, but this song is pretty neat:
If anyone wanted to know what I looked like in real life! Here I am!!!! The star of my own music video!

Incredible cover of Empire of the Sun:
We're gonna party like it's Mmagnus birthday...

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