Dark Fire: Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone!
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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm another one from the tater migration, along with my husband Tarlwyn. LOTRO was my first mmo, I've tried a few others over the years but I always wind up back here. I have every class but Beorning, but I returned to game about 6 months ago after a long hiatus and so my minstrel is the only one I'm focusing on at this time. We have a new baby at home so I'm much more of a casual player now and likely to disappear unexpectedly without saying goodbye or logging off. Looking forward to getting to know you all in game.
Welcome Ty and Tar! It's always nice to see another couple with kids in the kin. Cayte and I just came back a few days ago after a long hiatus as well. We get the kids deal...and congratulations on the new baby!

Cayte is a minstrel too, and I've been everything but I'm focusing on my LM exclusively now. We've never been top level raiders (well, I haven't, Cayte has been a top shelf mini), but we've been both second tier raiders and casual players. We'll work at it, but we're probably going to be second stringers again. It's a nice place to be.

Should be fun. Nice to have so much life back in the game and in the kin.

Mmagnus, Kal, Sil, and others have done a great job of keeping it alive and kicking through a very tough period, but their labors seem to be paying off now as we
hi welcome to kin

We're happy to have you! I have raided many times with either a baby in my lap or having to take off real quick to put one back to bed.
Welcome to RDF!

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