Dark Fire: What to do in podunk Tennessee?

What to do in podunk Tennessee?
What to do in podunk Tennessee?
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Pic from a business trip last year. Stuck in a crappy hotel in BFE Tennessee with the worst wifi ever! Fortunately the local gas station had a mini-mart .

I'd like to appologize in advance for any kinmates living in podunk Tennessee...

I'm deeply sorry that you can't live somewhere more awesome .
haha I'm guessing you didnt have any fireworks, since Tennessee is about the best place a person living on the east coast can buy them.

Amber BOCK? really? Bock??? wow
Fireworks would have rocked.

Amber Bock mostly because I like ales and there wasn't much to pick from -- I did mention it was a gas station in podunk TN right? It's actually a bit more involved as I walked all the way back from the gas station and found the bottles were not twist-off. So after pissing away 20 min with the hotel staff looking for a bottle opener (which I normally have on my pocket knife but NSA frowns on those now when u board airplains) I walked all the way back to the gas station to buy a bottle opener. That trip is at the top of my "worst business trip" list...

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