Dark Fire: Salutations and Introductions

Salutations and Introductions
Salutations and Introductions
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Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and introduce myself.

I am 1 of the many Tater Bandits recruits so blame Shaka or I know her more as El.

My mains is Kholya a minstrel (max Tinker cook guilded). I have many alts but stopped playing for a while after HD came out and for now am concentrating just on the mini. That said have max guilded crafters in all, only thing missing is a few rep recipes, since my crafting alts are not high enough lvl or have enough rep to get the recipes.
If anyone needs anything just let me know. (noticed the kin crafters thread and will get around to entering them soon)
I'm one of those older girl gamers that I've heard doesn't exist, except for the part that there seems to be an awful lot of us around.
Been playing LotRO for the past 8 years, with a few extended brakes in between. My first MMO was Guild Wars (the original).

Hope to see everyone in game, may the drops and laughs be plenty and many foes die from our blades.
Welcome to the Kin! The original Guild Wars was (and is) fantastic. A few friends and I started playing again a few months ago, and are having a blast.
Welcome Kholya! I look forward to raiding with you on Saturday.

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