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Hey Everyone,

So Cayte and I put up a TC run for this Saturday, and it's still on like Donkey Kong, but we've been reading about the area and the instance (since we've never done it) and there may be some complications. We may be the only ones who don't know this, but we just wanted to clarify what we plan to be doing so we aren't accidentally wasting anyone's time.

TC is split into four parts, one of which is deed gated.
  1. A landscape quest line that leads up to and instance (and I believe/hope these quests count towards the deed)
  2. The auto-bestowal daily repeatables (which definitely contribute to the deed)
  3. The instance (presumably repeatable, but which is not available until the deed is complete)
  4. The City Watch - Bank Faction daily repeatables (which, according to the wiki, do not contribute to the deed)
The deed requires you to complete 25 quests in TC before the landscape quest line can be completed and the final instance unlocked.

Cayte and I have barely set foot in TC, so we basically need to do the whole thing start to finish. Our goal on Saturday is to go as far through the quest line as possible and complete the Bank Faction and Auto-Bestow quests (which I believe overlap a lot with the landscape questline) so that everyone can get something (besides fun) out of it. Then we'll put additional runs up throughout the coming weeks to allow folks who need/want to finish the deed (or just gather barter coins and tokens) to have a means to complete it. We'll try to do several of those on different days so folks with different schedules can participate if they want.

From what I've seen online, it looks like we can progress all the quests in a raid, so the more the merrier. Also, I'm lookin at you Sil, please feel free to bring whatever toon you want. We've got several minis so we should have plenty of healing and AOE DPS, and I will bring my LM in yellow line to try and turn the baddies into soft little kittens...full disclosure: I am pretty rusty still, and I've never been a top tier LM.

Once we've got enough people through the deed, we'll put up an instance run or two (which is limited to only 6 person groups) for those that want to do it. We hope this will be a good way to meet people, have fun, get geared, and practice raiding/fellowing for those that may not have much experience with it.

So, if this is not what you had in mind, Cayte and I won't be hurt if you decide to back out. Also, if I've got something factually wrong in here about TC, can someone please set me straight so I'm not passing on bad info? See you Saturday!
Thanks again to all the folks who came along and guided us through the landscape quest series despite not needing it themselves. What a great bunch of kin mates!

I just went and put up the daily runs. We'll do two a week for three weeks on various days in order to help everyone get their deed completed (complete 25 TC quests).

I may run a couple of impromptu runs on off days as well in case folks can't make the posted dates. If you're in that situation, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.

Having been through it once now and reading up on it, I think I can guide (if not lead) the group, that being said, bigger groups are more fun and make the bodies hit the floor much faster!
So it looks like some other people still need to do the landscape questline for TC. If you'll post on this thread and let me know the best night for you to do it, I'll put it on the calendar and we'll get you taken care of.

The only night I can't make it is this coming Tuesday (2/2). Regardless, if that works for everyone else who needs it, I'll put it on the calendar and someone else can organize that night.

Ok team, let the bodies hit the floor on 3.




Hey TCites,

We have at least one more person that needs the landscape quests. If it's all right with you, I'd like to run him through it.

If ANYONE in the kin still needs it, please show up tonight as this is the last time we'll go through it (at least as part of this current TC campaign) so we'd like to get as many people as need/want it as possible.

Also, Lil, and anyone else that just needs the final instance, we'll run that tonight if we have enough people ready...even if I'm tired and it's past my bedtime. I'd really like to get Lil through it since he's helped out so much.

Hey, we have a decent group that now has the TC deed complete. Anyone that needs to run the instance, please join us on Saturday and we'll knock it out with you.

If anyone see Thorzad or Lilweth, we definitely want to get them through it, so please let them know. If they're not available on Saturday, we'll put together another run just for them.

Also, Heathon, if you're still interested in getting through it all, let me know and we'll try and set something up.



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