Dark Fire: hi all from a past player

hi all from a past player
hi all from a past player
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Hi all,

Karaoke here (or about to be formerly known as Karaoke).

I've been thinking about playing again and wanted to confirm that the kin has moved to Gladden. I noticed there's a slight kin name change as well.

I do miss the game, but am worried about how much of a grind it'll be to get any of my characters up to cap. What is cap now, btw?

Also, i hated the changes they did to the minstrel class a couple years ago. Is the minstrel any fun to play currently?

I'm a little distraught about having to lose the name Karaoke which my character has had since 2007. When I checked about 8 months ago, there was already a Karaoke on Gladden. It really depresses me to think of giving up that name when whoever has it there has almost certainly played for fewer years than I did. How are people dealing with losing a primary name that they've had forever?

Look forward to seeing and talking to many of you again.

Hey Man,

Hope you're doing well. Cayte and I just came back after at least a six month break...maybe longer.

We are on Gladden, we had to change our name a little because a creep intentionally stole our kin name. Some people's children...am I right?

The grind to get to 100 (current level cap) isn't bad, but once you get there it's pretty extensive, especially with your LIs. That being said, they now level with you, so presumably you won't ever have to grind out another one.

There are plans to up the level cap to 105 some time this year...and a new 12 man raid.

I don't know about Mini changes, but since the new trait trees system is still in place, I'm guessing not much has changed. We'll have to wait for an actual Mini to chime in for that.

Cayte, now Caytee, does not like her new name. I got lucky with most of my names. Just have to change Hustle (Burg) and a lowbie I never play anyway.

Hope that helps...though you'll likely get better/more accurate answers from others who've been playing longer. It'd be great to see you again. We've really enjoyed being back.


Heth (Brian)
Are you sure that the Gladden Karaoke has played within the last 12 months? If s/he hasn't then you'll bump get the name, if s/he has then you'll be Karaoke-1.

Some people alter their names slightly, some have decided to stick with -1.

End game is grindy if you want everything perfect and maxxed, but it's a game, you should do the parts that you enjoy and if you don't like some of it then skip it. There is a lot more activity on Gladden, so stick your nose in and see if you like the change. Mini hasn't changed since the trait trees, you can blow up everything.

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