Dark Fire: Gearing up for raids and other end game content

Gearing up for raids and other end game content
Gearing up for raids and other end game content
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**WORK IN PROGRESS** I will be editing this as I think of things or get corrections.
A few places for everyone to start at.

.5. Armor: Crafted jewelry can be fairly easy to get just from asking kin members to make you some. Lots of crafters have plenty of materials to make things, but please check first as to what they may need to make anything and try to get the mats if needed.
The four slotted DA armor is still useful for where we are at in game at this time. The 5 slot armor is nice but not needed. The DA armor can be gotten solo, so that is a good place to start.

1. Mitigations: Get them to cap or slightly over cap. The less damage you take the better. Supreme essences are by far the most desirable to get as they give both physical and tactical mitigations making it easier to cap. Greater essences are fine tho, but you may need to swap around virtues to help get to cap.

1.5. Crit defense: Get around 50% crit def for all classes. It is a break point generally and can help with surviving a great deal. Supreme crit def essences give crit rate as a bonus. Greater essences should be used as a minimum.

2. Morale: If your dead your dps or healing is zero. These numbers may be a little high, they are from running things successfully with well geared players.

Tanks should be over 40k morale. I run at around 45k unbuffed and that seems like its plenty. Having more can be nice but I don't think more is needed at this point in time.

I would say light armors should try for 28k-35k so you can take spike hits/aoe/boss specials. Minis would be more towards the 35K morale and RKs and LMs more towards the 28k mark, as those classes tend to be more dps or support rolls. Ask around as to what people are doing to really get a better idea.

Hunters Champs and Burgs I would say 26-30k, you still need to be a dps class after all. Captains and Bears I would guess about the same 26k-30k or more, I don't know how these classes work best so ask around for a better idea of what they need.

Sure supreme morale essences are the best but they are not always needed. Greater and even major morale can get the job done, upgrade them as you get them, but don't stress out trying to get all supremes.

2.5 Crit rating: Get it to cap or slightly over, that's really all you need. I think it is around 17k rating to cap crit rate.
Supreme crit rating essences have crit def as a bonus. Greater essences should be used as a minimum.

3. Finesse: For dps classes I would recommend about 15K as a minimum and 17-18k as an upper end. If your finesse is too low you will get BPE'd more often, thus doing less damage. I don't think healers need a lot of finesse or any for that matter, so keep that in mind for a healing build. I am not 100% sure on healers and finesse so ask around before planning a build. Greater essences should be used as a minimum.

4. Mastery: 75k mastery is neat and all, but if its that high your lacking in something, and again, if your dead all that mastery means nothing. You need to find a balance between damage output and living.
Don't worry about mastery too much. Once all the other things are done you can fill in with mastery/might/agility/will as you see fit.
Remember might/agi/will have other benefits to our stats so balance pure mastery essences with stat essences.

Don't be afraid to ask around in kin chat to get help with planning a build. Lots of players with end game toons ready to go, so pick their brains.
To help make the grind as efficient as possible, I put together this spreadsheet that shows where to barter for different gear, essences, recipes, relics, etc...

Hope it helps. The prices are up to date as of today... 21 February 2016. If you noticing anything is incorrect or missing, please let me know and I'll update it as soon as possible.


Wow, thanks Ash and Heth! That's really useful!

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