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I sent this too Cordovan:

I have been playing a guard since open beta and have played through all the good and bad times of the guard class but the changes to the class since update 18 have really just about destroyed the class as something fun to play.
This last round of "fixes" has done nothing but make the class less enjoyable.
Now it seems we have nearly no healing ability at all while in red line nor do we have the DPS available to offset this lack of healing.
I am sorry that the scaled content does not scale very well and a handful of players can solo certain things as a source of challenging ourselves.
But the class now has even less utility in a group setting and no chance at all in PvMP.
Yellow line too has been ruined with our now inability to generate and spread our debuffs (weakest debuffs really of any class).

I do not understand why the devs continue to say "we have limited resources" yet continue to make these changes that were never needed.
The one and only problem the class had was creep players crying about how hard it was to kill a knowledgeable and skilled guard player.
Before U18 I could join my kin runs as a dps class and complete SST2C, now my only choice is to go as blue line tank, which is now really all I can do on this class.
Every guard that commented on what the guard class needed changed was ignored and our dps was nerfed right into the ground.
All we needed was for you to lower the PotW heals and let us test that and see where we stood.
Our dps should never have been touched, period.
The real solution to all these poor design changes is to roll the class back to pre U18 and lower PotW heal and see how that goes, I should be able to fulfill a dps roll while in my dps trait line.
I also get that traiting red and yellow lines together has made for a nearly unkillable guard in PvMP, wearing very specific gear btw, so rearrange the yellow line trait tree to allow us to gain the strong burst trait before being able to trait the thrill of danger trait, easy fix, and reduces heals that can be very overpowered, again while wearing certain specific pieces of gear!
This wouldn't effect yellow line as you could still easily trait ToD and get that heal.

It just makes me sad to have to deal with this stuff again on my nearly one and only toon that I have played for 10 years.
The guard class was nearly perfect I found before the update 18 nerfs.
I just wish once that the guard dev would really take the time to talk to the guards playing the class and listen to our observations and likes and dislikes and let us, the players, have a say in how the class behaves.

The class should not have been nerfed based on PvMP.
The class should not have been nerfed based on poorly scaled OLD content that other classes can solo as well.
This class is now a hot mess of un-enjoyableness.

I just want to have fun on my guard again, please roll back the guard class to pre update 18, lower our PotW heals a little bit, and re-arrange thrill of danger with the strong burst trait.
Let us have the ability to be able to fill the roll of dps in a group setting again and let us be a good debuff class while traited in yellow line.

Please pass this along if you will.

Cory, aka Ashendoon, a longtime guard who loves the class, but is finding it hard to logon anymore.

This was his response:deleted
and nuts, i cant or shouldnt post what he said, so for those that saw it please dont discuss it yet.

Seriously, they thought and still think guard dps was too high? Even tho ever guard that made a comment said it was the healing and not the dps.
SIGH, i just...sigh
Oh, please do not repost this ingame or on the lotro forums. I am not looking to get banned for sharing a Devs PM.


Sucks you are at that point with your class. I myself have not agreed with the Captain class since the trait trees were introduced, but that's a different ball game.

I hope you at least open more dialogue, although from the response you got, that may not be the case.


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